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GLOBAL PACK LEADERS in PPE and Medical Devices

DEXCON is Australasia’s leading PPE and Medical Device Solutions, Consulting and Procurement company with a specialty for supplying premium medical devices and personal protection products for the medical, industrial and retail sectors both in Australia and around the world.

As one of the fastest growing PPE and Medical Device Import and Export solutions companies in Australia, DEXCON procures and executes end to end solutions for Government, Corporate, Wholesalers and Individuals that require the need for ethically priced imported or exported product to and from Australia.

We have partnered with some of the most trusted manufacturers in the medical and safety industry worldwide so that we can service our clients on the global market with an easy end to end management of their procurement needs.

As global pack leaders in PPE....We’re on your side.

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COVID-19 Rapid Tests Available Now

Australian Made InnoScreen Professional Use and Self Test devices

Perfect for Schools, Workplace, Social Events, Mass Participation Events, Stadiums, Concerts and Home Testing, the ARTG listed InnoScreen COVID-19 Antigen Rapid test ( Self Test and POC Professional Use Test devices) are an IVD screening tool to help detect COVID-19 in people with or without any symptoms of COVID-19.

The InnoScreen Rapid antigen testing involves a simple nasal swab (using a small cotton bud) that is inserted 1-2 cm into each nostril and then placed into a chemical solution. 2 drops of this solution is then placed on a cassette and the Negative or Positive result displayed within 15 minutes.



Please scan the QR code below for the video tutorial of how to use this product.

DEXCON is an authorised distributor of the InnoScreen COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits



Email us at

info@dexconglobal.com for more information or to place a bulk order for wholesalers only

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Who We Are

Formed to offer their services for PPE procurement solutions during a global pandemic, Directors Adam Cheers and Alan Bates combined their 30 years + knowledge of the Corporate, Government and Global landscape to add a clearer method and sophistication to the procurement of PPE. Our vision is to create a sustainable service that will combined both great service and ethical pricing to allow DEXCON to live on well into the future.


Meet the entrepreneurs behind the success of DEXCON 

Alan Bates- Joint Managing Director




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DEXCON provides a seamless procurement service offering PPE solutions through our extensive network of industry contacts, manufacturers and wholesale distributors globally.

We love a challenge when it comes to procurement, and with us you get what you pay for with the surety of delivering a quality product on-time guaranteed. 

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We are the global distributors for several PPE and medical device manufactures both in Australia and worldwide. We pride ourselves on being able to execute orders seamlessly and offer favourable payment options for our key clients. We also work with the best freight and transport companies globally to ensure supply is on time and within budget.

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DEXCON works with manufacturers and companies across a number of industries including local and federal governments for PPE solutions to fulfil shortage supplies as well as on-going supply of PPE and Medical Devices. Our consulting service includes application compliance management, global distribution compliance, specialised proposal negotiation, product testing and fit testing.

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DEXCON is proud to work directly with several global manufacturers across a number of PPE products that includes Medical Devices, Respirators, Nitrile Gloves, COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Testing Kits and various other PPE items specific to medical and industrial needs. This allows us to guarantee the best price for our clients and their network.

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