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Guide to Australian PPE Standards and Requirements

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a set of protective wearable items to reduce the risk of contamination in a workplace. These items may include masks, gloves, safety glasses and shoes (or ear plugs), hats or respirators for protection against pathogens and chemicals.

The quality of your staff's protective equipment is a top priority. You need to make sure that the products you purchase meet the Australian PPE standards

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What You Need to Know About Australian Standards for PPE Workwear

Whilst PPE has always been an important necessity for people who work in high-risk conditions, the recent emergence of COVID -19 and ongoing pandemic have made it clear just how crucial these protective equipment really are.

Oftentimes, PPE is used to protect people from cuts, injuries and infection. However, it should be noted that PPE cannot take the place of proper workwear. The use of personal protective equipment is not an all-encompassing solution for workspace safety. Instead, it should only be employed as a temporary measure until better control strategies can be enforced.

Furthermore, the use of PPE in Australia has its limitations. For example, PPE that does not meet Australian standards for workwear can lead to safety problems and failures on the job site.

What Is the PPE Requirement in Australia?

Here’s a brief information about PPE in Australia.

PPE Selection Based on Australian Standards

The first step in getting the right type of protection for your work site is determining why you need it. Suit up with PPE based on the level of risk there might be and take into consideration things like size and comfort.

When determining what type of personal protective equipment you need for your work, the first step is to think about how risky it could be. If there is some chance that injury could occur, then choose accordingly and make sure all aspects; size and durability, as well as comfort in wearing them, are considered before donning any piece or pieces.

Masks and Respirators

Masks help decrease risk because those who wear them won’t come into contact or touch any harmful substances, which may cause illness if inhaled. However, there needs to be better standards when choosing what type will best fit requirements for the job.

The market is full of different types of products, but it is important to buy the right one for your workplace or environment.

In this case, the Australian Government requires that all personal protective equipment used in Australia meets certain standards. This includes respiratory protection devices like N95, which means the manufacturer has evidence this product received approval from the government agency involved.

Why Is Following the Australian Standards Important?

In line with the Australian Standards on safety in the workplace, the application of PPE among health workers in the medical and health industry in light of COVID-19’s fame is highly relevant among employers. This ensures that they are following health and safety protocols to protect human lives in both ways—the medical and treating team and the public.

Does Australia Make PPE?

During the height of the pandemic, the Australian authorities were left in a state of desperation when they discovered that there was no available equipment to source overseas. They came up against another problem—this time it was air transport, which was due largely because many planes were grounded by travel restrictions after the outbreak began.

The government launched an appeal for manufacturers capable of switching their production lines to medical PPE and supplies. The list included surgical gowns, gloves, goggles, hand sanitiser, clinical waste bags, blood spill kits, mask fit and tests, with the aim that these would be used in hospitals across Australia.

The government called on some companies for help and these businesses answered the call.

Australian manufacturers teamed up with an international medical technology company. They used local supply chains and co-designed the product using input from government agencies, as well as clinically trained clinicians who specialise in intensive care units. This allowed them to not just meet PPE supply demands but also exceed them.

The Australian government is aware that the country's manufacturing sector has been shrinking for decades. To try and combat this trend, they have set up an advisory group with experts on how to ‘pivot’ towards local PPE production in case COVID-19 leads to another path where there are no countries left around which can afford exports due to the pandemic blocking trade routes.

In 2021, NSW has become a PPE manufacturing powerhouse as 10 manufacturers from the state received a share in $5 million of NSW Government funding to manufacture PPE to support domestic and international markets through COVID-19 and improve local jobs.

Now, there are a number of suppliers like Dexcon that provide premium medical devices and equipment in Australia and throughout the world. 

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